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  1. @trevor if clones wont wait to plant in.. you should count at least 1-2 weeks extra because heatproblems slow down flowering, and make higher plants as well... you can belive me... I made myself so many bad grows:) if u dim Dimlux will give u more Blue light...
  2. hey Travor, Im happy to see an Amnesia grow here... Ur setup is perfect and you use very good nutrient also... But you cant make a good environment for your plants. I would say IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT:) But if u dedicated to improve you need to be brave to change when it is needed!!! First and biggest problem in this grow was that the TEMPERATURE was way too much for the young plants at the beginning. possible reason in wintertime: u cant use the outdoor cold air.. you cant open a window...even with a window shutter?? if u cannot get enough cold air.. your plants cant use as much PHOTONS as well.... so till they dont get stronger... NEXT TIME u can switch off the left 4 than next day the right 4 dimlux 600W. All other problems comes from this... so I think: Lets survive this grow and learn from this small mistake. if u will be able to control the climate better hope you will get plants at least as happy as here: amnesia at DAY 58
  3. my pleasure to serve the TEAM LIONS go go goooo
  4. I dont know we could call these strains commercial in NL--- in my country nobody will pay more for them hahha But in USA with these clones most make lot of money...I dont want to say it is just hype... rather personal preferences..etc GG4' GSC forum cut
  5. hello guys after hard days finally harvest day has come.. thanks for all who helped me in the fight against fungus gnats.. picks right before chop chop gr Hidro
  6. @Jeice yes I understand ur formula... just I though El keep on watering every 2-3 days up to 1/3 the pots. @Jeice yes I understand ur formula... just I though El keep on watering every 2-3 days up to 1/3 the pots.
  7. El, if ur pots are on the ground...I can say for sure..ur medium is too wet. girls can stand in water if only water roots are in the water.. basically those roots what go out from pot. can stay in water if the pot is not in the water if other root-zone is wet.. rootpressure become low... evaporation slow down, nutrition will be locked out. u can clearly see... in the middle of the room... i normally left for walking.. but this time I put in some testers clone onlys and I forget to raise 1 cm the crates all plants looks terrible in the middle plus I watered high with bacteria to stop fungus gnats... and now I can just pray for amnesia surviving. I raise all crates 1 cm by kabelgoot??? with these https://www.google.hu/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjG65y_077YAhUPYVAKHS8oDN0QjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hager.nl%2Fproducten%2Fkabelmanagementsystemen-tehalit%2Fwand%2Fkleine-kabelgoten%2Fsysteemuitleg-kleine-kabelgoten%2F152096.htm&psig=AOvVaw0vHTq05waSY5oMoTvrQqCM&ust=1515167094909185
  8. @El sorry to read this.. but Im not sure it is about the 2.1 EC and also not co2...1200 PPM girls can handle easy. if u share the bad... maybe we can figure out together whats happening in ur garden can u check the rockwool cubes didnt stick to each other... is there enough air in the rootzone? how heavy 1 pot? how many liters are they? @thanks Twiet... I have to find out something.. because in the X ventilated room so many that some tops under the lights are black @hey LostChild welcome in the rescue boat:) yellow papers become black in 1-2 days... lights are killing more flies... they like to fly into the reflectors... but it is a total invasion... will try to get some nematodes also.. and thanks ur advice I will keep changing the yellow papers!!! el.. top of the pito has always higher EC... always measure the "last drops" from the bottom of the pot..if u can do that!!!
  9. Capi, Im hope u are doing great!! would be good some pics from ur garden again:) unfortunately, Im still fighting with fungus gnats because I cant water from top the bacteria, I flood higher. after 1 week the crates are very heavy... so Im a bit excited how the girls will handle this pic from day 40
  10. El usually bigger plants.. dint give more weight... IF they dont make buds from the bottom.. we will see by the end of this grow.. what is under the canopy:)
  11. just 600W I have.. waiting for u updates as a TV serial addicted hahha because we have just cc, 2 days difference
  12. Happy Xmas El! Wish u trouble free grow for next year also!! here are some pics at day 29 girls are 120 cm tall tops are 60 cm below the light ph 5.2 ec 1.3 there are some problems with black flys because previous round I gave mycorrhiza I guess with infected clay:( so some yellow paper hope will keep them under control.. and girls roots strong enough to handle.. enough talk lets see he pics door view right corner view from top below the net above the net back row hidro
  13. Hello El.. the garden looks promising by now. it is time to put on the Nets.. later u wont able to go into the jungle I would Not break any tops.. u have plenty of height as I see and they wont grow much from now ( i think haha) urs looks much more developed buds as mines... better climate I think!!! mine at day 19 keep up the good work!! happy Xmass
  14. hey El, I have no time to translate ur all topic... but I think very important to give only a few lights at the begining especially if clones were under T8 (or not HPS) If I can I start a 12x600 w 3 row room only 4x600w in the corners for 3 days than add 2x600 in the middle middle for 3 days again if I remember good these girls got 9-10 days from clone (non pregrowed because i hadnt space in the moms room that time)
  15. 18x600W and my "hommade" mapito room is 6x4,5 meter... yet I dont know how many crates I will put in hope we will seen soon
  16. it is just a cheap trick to rise humidity and reduce light and airflow for the first 2 weeks.. if u start straight 12/12 by the way Im not so far behind u... hope to finish the rooms in this month:)
  17. Hey El, it depends how much light clones can handle... if they were grown under HPS... it not a big stress but if they were grown under for example T8... u should not turn all ur lights On! if u run switched 12/12 rooms... where u cant switch off lights.. smart idea to put white foil over the plants for the first 2 weeks
  18. De stekker eruit op een gegeven moment? if u unplug the vacuum machine.... it wont melt together the foil at the right time sorry I have friends from NL but I couldnt read or speak ur language... I just use google translator:)
  19. @dilago I can confirm both... they looks great and I hate trimming as well hahha... that is the most boring and physically hardest part of the hobby.. before I grow amnesia i spent 2x3x more time with trimming by Trimpro Classic and Trimpro Automatic. I find with machines u could be more effective if u have at least 2 or 3 helper..and the machines can run continuously.. and sorry but I cant like ur post it always give an error message... all other post I can... strange.. what strain is in ur bag? @konopi that is a 10 kg bag... u can vacuum it, so no smell at all, and if the buds are properly dried u can store in them for a year with no problem @crimson I made the seeds... a year ago but I never tested them,,, as we all know tests are the most expensive part of the hobby.. the grow u have seen is from "my brother in light" as we call each other, once we kill the EGO with 5MEO DMT ( and almost our body too hahha) lives very far from me in Tarifa, Spain.. for the pheno he found I never asked to send me back because of the distance. but it has a very good reputation around his area by now... because with small set ups they can reach the g/w also and she preform good outdoor as well at that climate. She has a new name there: King Hidro hahah I made the cross because I believe good lateral branching and bud formation under the canopy is the key for great yield.. but still I always find new possibilities with amnesia.... so the seeds must wait. @Rodja u are right if place is not an issue... but ironable bags I cant vacuum in this size and making kg bags is also a pain in the ass alone..I did kg bags with vacuumable foil for years and I was very awkward by finding the right vacuuming.. I didnt find any machines what u can stop the vacuum pump when u want... and lot of time I over vacuumed the bags...
  20. i always trim by hand the amnesia... simply I cant trim by machine this cut because of the shape of the buds..and the fact u dont have too much leaves to cut off not perfect but far more better bag appeal than other strains with a lot more trimming work
  21. Hello Syndgrow, I see all is well over there:) Good luck for this round!!
  22. Hey Starter if u have an easy solution dont forget to push forward the info for me thanks
  23. @polder... if I want to pick something from the A'la Carte or from ur daily menu I find always AAA top smoking gear on your table!!! Karma up!!!
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