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  1. How's things coming along can't wait to see your new round in the cubes
  2. Looking super healthy D good job on this girls I'm sure they will reward you for your hard work
  3. Thanks dilago Yea these are the cornbread og they are hungrier then rest I have only kept cuttings of the stardawg it's very nice plant to grow tight internodes and good leaf to bud ratio so looking forward to how she turns out. Could yours be ph in maptio maybe crate got dryer and rise ph in the crate that plants seem hungry? Just a thought. Snydgrow
  4. Ok time for update people i have raised ec to 1.6 some plants looking like they can eat more but i dont want to burn others we see what happens. Day 21 of flower. Here is the plants in coco i will take pics with lights of next time. Ec1.6 Ph5.9 Also i help make a small grow room for a friend in cupboard it will have 3 x 250w hps over 4 plants.
  5. Yes I see I have also grow with them cubes but I mixed mine with coco as I was only do a small grow it worked very well. this grow is very nice how long did you run the amnesia for? And is it the D cut from seed? Thanks Snydgrow
  6. This is good I think it will make it much easier to have more success I love the ease of flood and drain I also grown on Coco dtw and I did ok yield wise round 28oz per 1000w but you go through so much water it was a lot more work I do know growers that hit over gpw every time on coco but for me Mapito flood and drain you simple can't beat
  7. Nice Harvest El Capitano So you will grow with dripper system yes on rockwool? I found what works best for me is metrop Calgreen and a a&b of your choice I use canna Aqua but I've used many others with success then adding additives is personal preference my plants do fine with the a&b and Calgreen. Can't wait to see how you get on this round what strain will you be running this time? Good luck Snydgrow
  8. Very nice room I see you turned this grow around in the end what was your total yield? I think Mapito you'd have much more success and if you can grow many cuttings I would use the whole room to grow so no walk way space to maximise yield. Good luck with the next venture I will be looking out for it : Snydgrow
  9. Good to see you still around hidro You must be at the 2 gram per watt mark now Thanks David I'm always open to learn more we can never know enough also I will help anyone I can for sure if you need any advice comment here or pm me
  10. Sorry I should explain myself more lol because you have two rooms going doing you space them out so your harvesting plants every 4 or 5 week. And this pump is excatly what I'm looking for thanks 1mm water is fine with me saves me building flood and drain etc does it raise your humidity at all tho? What nutrition do you use at the moment? Snydgrow
  11. Nice dilago do you work it so you crop every 4-5weeks? What gives you more yield Coco or maptio? Sorry I meant does the pump sit below crates how do you pump all water out if it's on the same level as tank I am looking for a pump that can take water up at low level but yet to find one Thanks Snydgrow
  12. Here is some of my previous grows on opengrow if anyone like to look https://www.opengrow.com/topic/51094-attic-grow-in-24-x-12-tent-in-mapito/page__st__40
  13. My Dutch is zero I should really learn some as i everything I know I was taught by Dutch growers over the years I just have Microsoft translater on my computer to help Thanks Echep I appricate kind words I hope all goes ok this round only thing not so happy is it's a mix strain round some tall some small but we see how it go
  14. Thanks your plants look great I will keep watching your journal now. Maybe I should translate to Dutch when I post on yours? I think it best I learn some Dutch to
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