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  1. freedom of speech, looking after family, not standing down to bullshit,

  2. ink


    is there a seat for ink?
  3. hidro yes i agree, as you say we are just hobby dudes! i am cool with this. some times it takes time to see through the smoke in a room or a forum, what i learnt was look and see even wait, and see wait and see allows you not to think but reflect, it allow the mind to relax, and you get a eurika moment, some thing lodge in the brain say hay, try that i heard many things, and it does not work for me, so i used some concept ideas, and then changed them to suit me. i to not believe until i have proven something to myself, why believe a sales guy. car sale guys the worst lol bud density, yes i hear you, perhaps after my winter holiday i will come back and show you some pics. it would be nice to share, with out bias what can be done, but also as i shared everything and i am not a sales person, let see. happy new year, to all on wiet the slate is clean, and i will not waste any more energy with negative outcome, i said a while ago, hate is a bitter pill to swollow and i myself just like to learn, hahah what i learned can not be posted here only in other place. where, we have free speech. karma up and off course to even people that see fit to try and do bad, i wish you all a happy new year. and thank you for a great 2015. next year is a big health kick, perhaps so new learning, love to learn new tricks. thanks boyz
  4. yes correct 2gram per watt did i say something incorrect? are you personally saying you better this? its only a small digit
  5. ink

    Ronnie Told Me So

    i was told many moon the difference i even saw it in a land far from here. i saw in a room gavtia hd pr 1000 de ballest, apart tech people work around to copy, red star am i aloud, whazzup please confirm?! did we copy dimlux darn damb shit we aer in adam for coffee at your favourite shop, love drink coffee you know my number!
  6. ink

    Naw Seeds

    wicked, boom boom, lovely bud man, remind i must show my hard one some time the bud, i love the reflaction on these picture,such also the colour it the bomb i think can i cannnia
  7. ink

    To R And G Hhhaaaa

    man i post the dopest shit you seen in a while farto old boy farto please read the news, about the red star, after you remarks it suggestes that you dont read. sorry to say so! north korean people one love kiss happy ny grower grow more
  8. i can tel you one thing dont buy liquid canna feed i will post you a chart if in trouble please shout out i would love to help
  9. ink

    To R And G Hhhaaaa

    force is strong in this child mr fart, i am sorry. thereswas simple an open discussion. i did not know that we can not talk freely. we do not live in north korea, the platform in not the red star no? am i incorrect?
  10. i have some picture some please let me help. dali make hard some times. peace best regards and hope all goes well my eyes need skopeezz sometime to see
  11. ink

    To R And G Hhhaaaa

    dude i am very happy and chilled more than before, a nice calm wave, if we examine the original and the new ballest what do we see? do we take the old gavita apart, and the new dimlux. remember all though it was a long time ago i did electronic servicing it comes in handy sometime, with respect, all memember should be as respectfull as the master of this forum, and i dont mean mods. i feel that i need to wish all the best for 2016, farted sorry by fart by name my dear boy where is this button? i am in adam soon, if you want to book an apointment then please do so best regards
  12. wietefras from every cool chilled place 1.33g/w is nice man, great. let me tell you more in the future, i see bigger hit than this by a long way, when i want post a detailed report, i am more than happy happy you year, wishing all best wishes
  13. ink

    To R And G Hhhaaaa

    wake up, smell the ground, drink some coffee, have a cry what ever? you are normal and aloud to think this way, why not? untold energy, like a child born! we are not worn out, and welcome anything anyone has to say about this topic, be gavita or dim something so lighting is lighting heatpump are heatpump i remember seeing gavita copy ballest once long time ago, you can guess the name dim something. was your ballest copy whazzup ?
  14. ever one knows me hidro. :innocent: :innocent:0077777777777778992534 i looked did not bleive,, what was said, and made my own values and data. they work 1gram plus with bad climate lol now i push 2 grams per watt
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