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Found 1 result

  1. ink

    To R And G Hhhaaaa

    funny thing is, its just a game lol and i dont take it personnally however i am flattered that you wasted so much of your time. and still we move forward. truely very funny. now, we are set for 2016 in great health better than you can ever imagine, and with so much more so really the game just made, me think more out of the box, and you know i stopped smoking? easy,!!!!! 2016 is about family good time, and super health. after that, what will be will be. of course lots of heatpump, etc so heres to a clean year or 2 3 what ever it takes, no drinking or smoking. see you at the shows. enjoy your new year. t me done now, on and upwards there is no limit
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