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  1. Got some problems coming, Yellowing of the plant only lower stuff only but it's on all the plants so looks like it's something to-do with the nutes. I'm on week 6 of flowering, Coco buds are very small and the Mapito buds are hard and dense.
  2. Here is some photo's of the plants, Mapito on is in the middle can see the size difference in Buds from Coco.
  3. Once the lights are on I will take a look at the tank and see if it's fine.
  4. So far I've not had the problems that I was having, plants seem to like it no issues yet.
  5. Yes, After putting in Brown first I've not had the problem so far I've made a new tank today so will keep this updated. Thank's alot mate as I was thinking the A is calcinit and B is brown would have never thought about putting brown in first.
  6. Coco is what I've grown in before after this run I'm making my own Mapito and going to use that. You are right 200g of brown in 1L is to much i've noticed some powder at the bottom of the bottle with stock solution.
  7. EC at the moment is 2 - Tap water 0.6-0.7, I'm watering the Mapito and coco from the top. So this is a trail really with new Nutes and with Mapito so far so good but do have some problems with the mapito plant yellowing. But I think this is a problem with the N as I was feeding it coco nutes untill i got some of the yara, also could be a calmag issuse. After this round I'm going to be running a mapito grow 36L tubs flood and drain with Yara. At the moment I'm in Week 5 flower and useing 1:2 Ratio Brown (2) I've got a question for you as you use Yara, Do I need to add calmag or something along thos lines with these nutes.
  8. Also the plant in Mapito has a lot harder bigger buds than the coco and the coco been getting watered every day and the Mapito plant been getting water every 3 days.
  9. Update look's like adding the Brown before the calcnit is working. I will get some photo;s up for people to see tonight
  10. So I've got a Tank of 36L i then have A 1L and B 1L I mix into the 36L tank. I've also got 200g of each in 1L of water.
  11. What I've got is 1l of Calcnit and 1L of brown - 200G PER A L, I mix part A then add part B into the watering tank, Is this how you do it?
  12. Also @Twiet I've used disstiled water this round but next I'll just use Tap water.
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