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Guerilla Growing Shenanigans From The Past .................. Canadian Edition :D

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Hello there,

I'm from Canada and while it is recreationally legal to smoke and grow currently, this wasn't always the case. 

I've been growing illegally since 2000 both indoor and out but I started getting the confidence to start documenting my outdoor grows around 2010. 

I used to store all the pics /vids on USB sticks that I would stash and hide until all the plants were dried and bagged. Then I would go through the pics and occasionally post them on the forums I was a member of at the time.

So, with all that being said - this thread will be a simple compilation of my exploits/shenanigans throughout the years of guerilla growing. Some of the pics/vids don't have dates so they could be from any year, just a heads up.

To start, here is a swamp grow from 2012-ish or there abouts. I had several close calls this particular season as I was using a new spot and was just getting used to the environment (human presence, time of day etc.)...... Good times :P

The lines/crosses I was running is as follows;

- Mountain Jam from Chimera

- Jackpine testers from Chimera

- Medicine Man from Mr. Nice Seeds

- White Domina Auto from Kannabia

- Thai Fantasy Auto from Kannabia

- Guerilla Gold #2 from a breeder on unleashdagreen (old canadian seedbank and forum).

- Frost Dragon Auto.

- 60day wonder auto from DNA.

-60day Lemon auto from DNA.


The pics bellow are from the start of the season. Also shows the little water source "thing-a-ma-jig" I rigged up by narrowing an almost dried up stream, then laying down a pvc pipe that the water could be directed through and then emptied into a large tote for ease of collecting.






6-14 (1).jpg

6-28 (24).jpg

7-2 (24).jpg

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So, it has come to my attention that this is strictly a NL forum. My apologies, I'm very sorry for the intrusion.

I will stop posting now.

Again, I'm very sorry.

Awesome site though. Incredible functionality compared to others I've been on, fwiw.

No hard feelings I hope :)


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Wow, I really messed that one post up :/ 

I tried to edit it out but I must have missed something, my bad.

Anywho, I harvested everything about a week after those vids were taken lol.

sorry for my, er, colorful language in the first vid. The weather was bad as you can see and it was in the middle of a swampy area bla bla bla loool. 

But yea, 2012-ish (I think) Outdoor Season, a bit of a gong show :D

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Very nice Danny!!!! I am one of your ICmag colleagues btw.  :)


I have been working on guerilla gold hybrids for 10 years, if you ever want to test some in Canada drop me a PM ;) Most are ready around Octobre 5th and fairly mold resistant even in pouring rains. One of them even won a cannabis cup in 2014 (Traincrash)

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WoW Danny nice genetica dude:tu

leipe shit ouwe! 



Edited by P H donner

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hey very nice to have some interconnection between fora. 

its okay to speak english i am shure people will be able to translate it or google translate it :)))


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