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Expat looking for advise.

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Hi all! I don't know how did I get to this forum but here I am :lol:

I'm an expat and I really enjoy to grow, have some experiences growing indoor back in my country. I was wondering if it is legal to grow here in The Netherlands and what types of legal problems could I encounter. I was thinking of buying a 40x80 micro tent to grow 1 or 2 autos. But then I read some news about police raids and putting more effort into stopping growers. How true is this? Can the police just enter my place and look around? What kind of problems I could get if they find my grow?

It will be ok to have my micro tent? or I should have something more stealth, like turning furniture into a grow space? or maybe I am worrying too much :rofl

I appreciate your advice, cheers!

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Not legal, but "gedoogd" meaning less than 5 plants most likely wont get you prosecuted (there are some exceptions to this).

However if caught you probably get kicked out of your house by your landlord (need to check the contract for this) and/or it gets sealed-up for a few months...

Not sure if this is gonna count as a breach of your visa conditions. (It probably is)

Greetz Alki

Ps: if you like to make an english grow report or have grow related questions i would suggest our sister-site: Opengrow


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No penalty under criminal laws when less than 5 and 1st offender but we have other laws like Damocles and some parties involved  when you get caught might inform your employer of what you did.

Ask yourself if this is worth it instead of buying weed the legal way in a CS.



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