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DIY Mapito Mix * Gavita 750e * 4x4 tent

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Sorry my first language is english

So after 6 Months of looking at Mapito RFX-1 grow reports on wietforum & opengrow spending many hours on translating pages of dutch and up all night looking trying to read and understand how people grow with mapito 

I'm newish to growing but newbie to Mapito I'm making my own mix with rockwool granulate the same as hidronesia

2,5KG Rockwool Granulate to 10L Poly balls, My nutrients will be with Yara Brown & Calcnit same as racker ratios will be using Fabric 23L pots and starting from seeds. 


Strain  : Seedstockers CRITICAL 

Light 750E Gavita, 6" fan + passive intake 

tank ; 200L

Zero Pump, COM-100 EC Meter + PH meter 

Flood and drain whole tent floor


Now I've been looking at Yara and scored 25kg bags or brown and calcinit do i need anything to go with with like epsom salt.  


Once I've got my camera charged I will get some photos 

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Kristalon brown already contains epsom salt and micro nutrients. You can change the ratio between calcinit and the kristalon if you want more vegetative growth. More calcinit = more vegetative. Only thing i add is some silica.

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Mavaca  watch out with the tent floor, most of the time they are not 100% water sealed.. the bottem s gonna leak.

Better buy an extra pond liner :)

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