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lbh's Angola Roja/Red

lbh's Angola Roja/Red
La Buena Hierba
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La Buena Hierba
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De Angola roja/red from La Mano negra (RIP)
sent me seeds long time ago...
i had in my freez very old 4 seeds last of pure Angola Roja
the breeders of NAW seeds ,Rhino CBD and poldergrow ask few time for the Angola Roja to work with for improve there medicnal strains.
i give them the 4 seeds and 3 came up!
3 females Angola#1 Angola#2 and Angola#3

Angola#1 is nice orange tasting one good sativa high.

Angola#2 is a great! strong in GBD very medi and autoflower also (rootbound)

Angola#3 is also strong one very high in CBD and THC
and wen smoke very trippy High strong long lasting.

afther naw dith cloning and lots of testing and stressing it shows Angola#1 dith lillte hermie so and whas les than the Angola#2 and Angola#3 so we cult it and it and only work now with#2 and #3
its a joy to grow thise Angola roja's pure sativa's
also great for crossing .real medicinal cannbis


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