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Cannabis Analyseren Met Nir Apparaat

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#1 konopi

    All you need is ' erb and coffee

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Gepost 14 december 2017 - 11:59

Given that there are seven billion people living on this earth, there is a consistent quantity of imbecile or idiot, okay. Previously, these people could express themselves only with their friends or at the bar after two or three glasses of something, and they said every silliness, and people laughed. Now they have the possibility to show up on the internet. And so, on the internet, along with the messages of a lot of interesting and important people - even the Pope is writing on Twitter - we have a great quantity of idiots." - Umberto Eco

#2 alkaline

    Harde kern lid

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Gepost 14 december 2017 - 12:11

Leuk machientje, makkelijk in gebruik :D

Jammer dat het geen terpenen of pesticiden,... detecteert :)

#3 CaveDave


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Gepost 14 december 2017 - 17:54

Kost ook maar 20.000 euries.....
Klaar, 2x Amensia Haze en 2x White Widow 100,7 gram
Klaar, Red Poison Auto's 78,5 gram
Klaar, 4x Pineapple Express 105,2 gram
Klaar, 3x Superskunk Auto/1x White Haze Auto

100x100x200 cm
2x 200 watt GPled COB

#4 marco8x

    Begin z'n weg te vinden

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Gepost 14 december 2017 - 22:46

ik zou um wel willen hebben